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When your instrument needs repair, Paige's Music has the premier repair facility in the state ready and waiting to get your instrument back up and playing. Woodwind , brass, percussion, and string instruments are all covered in our state of the art facility. With our experienced staff, cutting edge tools and advanced machinery it’s easy to see why our repair facility offers the best repairs at the best prices.

Repair Shop Hours

Store Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Repair Shop Phone:
317-577-3415 • 1-800-337-0471

Email: repair@paigesmusic.com

Need Your Instrument Serviced?

We offer free estimates, loaner instruments, and in most cases complete your repair in one week.  And if you are a current rental customer or have an Annual Service Policy for your instrument, routine repairs and accidental damage are covered!

You can bring your instrument in for service during our regular store hours, or we can pick it up at one of the many schools we visit every week across Indiana. To arrange to have your instrument picked up at your school and schedule a loaner to be delivered please click here. 

Have questions? Give us a call and we will be happy to help you get your instrument serviced and in top playing condition!

Customer Testimonials

Great service! Not being a reed player myself, I call knowing nothing about anything, they quickly figure out what will fix my son's instrument issues and then they make it happen. Super convenient for a busy mom!

~ Emily Jarvis

Great service. When we needed a service on my son’s trumpet, we were easily able to request a ticket and receive a loaner while his trumpet was out. They dropped off loaner at school and picked his up at school as well. We recently upgraded to a step up trumpet. My son is in love with it. Paige’s made the transaction easy to do.

~ Stephanie Buffum

I am so pleased with the service from Paige's Music. I have been a high school band director for 24 years and I could choose to work through several other music stores. I choose Paige's because of their quality service. When I need anything, Paige's Music is there, and their road man delivers each week with a smile.

~ Tom Landrum, Director

Paige's Music is by far the best music store I have ever dealt with. From a wonderful repair department to an outstanding sales team, I have never been disappointed in my interactions with them. They continue to serve our students and families well, giving top flight service at outstanding prices. I never recommend my students to go anywhere else for their musical needs.

~ Chris Wing, Director

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: Although we are willing to look at an instrument to determine if there is a temporary repair that can be done, most of the time we need to do a more thorough inspection. Our normal process is to check the instrument in so our technicians can make sure we address all of the issues that may be causing the instrument not to function properly.
A: In order to do a proper inspection, we check in each instrument and do a thorough inspection the following day to determine what is needed to bring your instrument back to its proper playing condition. We don’t charge for estimates, no work is done until an estimate is approved, and there is never an obligation to have any repairs done.
A: Since most of the cost involved in any repair is labor related, we really need to personally inspect your instrument to give you an accurate estimate. There is no charge for our technicians to look at your instrument and give you an estimate on repairs needed.
A: We do have a large inventory of loaner instruments available for our repair customers to use while your instrument is in our shop. These loaners are included with our rental program and Annual Service Policies or available for a small fee for our other customers.
A: We are always willing to work on individually owned instruments regardless of where they were purchased. However, there are some brands and models that we do not have manufacturer support for and are unable to do repairs that require disassembly or extensive cleaning. There is no charge for us to look at your instrument and determine if we can offer repairs. We will contact you with an estimate before any work is completed.
A: You are always welcome to drop off your instrument during our normal store hours Monday through Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4. In most cases, we will check in it and give you a call with an estimate the following business day. We also make weekly visits to hundreds of schools across Indiana and can pick your instrument up and return it to the school typically in one week. You can check here on our website to see if we visit your school. Please call ahead of time if you’d like to have a loaner delivered.
A: We do occasionally sell parts, but due to fitment issues as well as the various manufacturer models and versions of particular instruments, it is always best for our trained technicians to look at your instrument. Some parts can be sold “over the counter”, but we recommend calling and making sure that they’re in stock and if we’re able to sell it without inspecting the instrument.
A: For general appraisals, we typically recommend that you search any of the various online reseller sites to get an idea of the going “market value” of your instrument. For some professional and specialty instruments, we do offer a written appraisal for a small fee. These instruments must be checked in and can take 1-3 days to complete the appraisal.

About The Shop

Meet Our Technicians

Director & Coordinators

Scott Kinnard

Director of Repair Services

Kaz Chan

Woodwind Repair Coordinator/Woodwind Technician


Spencer Guyer

Brass Repair Coordinator/Brass Technician


Tom May

Stringed Instrument Repair Coordinator/String Technician

Admin Staff

Wes Tincher

Repair Department Assistant Manager

Aubrey Richards

Repair Department Office Assistant


Kevin Gillins

Brass Technician

Dustin Jindracek

Brass Technician

Chaz Rhodes

Brass Technician

Sam Richards

Brass Technician

Jacob VanderHaeghen

Brass Technician


Ben Parrott

String Technician


James Chin

String Instrument Prep


Fred Withrow

String Instrument Prep


Emrys Ziegler

String Instrument Prep



Rachel Gamache

Woodwind Technician


Steve Grimes

Woodwind Technician


Scott Hobson

Woodwind Technician

Drew Montgomery

Woodwind Technician

Nate Warren

Woodwind Technician

Aubrey Richards

Woodwind Apprentice


Alex James

Percussion Technician

Final Prep Technicians

Cindy Grimes

Final Prep Technician

Becky Nash

Final Prep Technician

Bryan Nellems

Final Prep Technician

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