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This is not a form to obtain a beginning instrument rental. Please click here to rent a beginning instrument.


Due to Coronavirus interrupting school schedules, we have modified our delivery process to schools. Please follow these steps:

  • For most schools you’ll be meeting our District Manager at a particular location in your corporation, which may not be where your student attends school.
  • Once you submit your request you will receive a confirmation email that will notate the day, time, and location for your delivery. You can also see this information on our school delivery page.
  • Our District Manager will arrive at the given time, collect all items, and then move on to their next stop. Please try to arrive early to guarantee a successful transaction.
  • Look for a large gray or blue work van near the main entrance of the delivery location.

Please give us a call if you have any questions at 1-800-382-1099.

Please fill out the form and click submit to send us your Service Request.

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Repair Instructions

Loaner Request Information

Please read the special instructions above. You can view our delivery schedule here.

Loaners do not come with accessories. Make sure you keep the following items to use with the loaner:

  • Brass instruments-mouthpiece, valve oil
  • Woodwind instruments-mouthpiece, reeds, neck strap
  • String instruments-bow, rosin, shoulder pad, stop (If a bow is needed please call and request directly)
  • Percussion-sticks, mallets

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