Service Plus Program at Paige's Music

Service Plus Program at Paige's Music

Give yourself peace of mind with our Service Plus program for your student.

Your student’s grade and skill level depend on a good playing instrument, quality supplies, and helpful tips. Service Plus is the most convenient way to keep your student and their instrument playing their best.

COMING SOON: Service Plus is a new program at Paige's Music that will launch spring of 2021.

Interested in Service Plus for your instrument?

If you're interested in purchasing Service Plus for your instrument, please contact us.


Free Maintenance & Repair
Send your instrument in for regular maintenance to help avoid small problems turning into something larger. We recommend two visits each year to help keep your instrument in proper playing condition. We’ll even remind you twice each year to send in your instrument for preventative maintenance. You may send in your instrument as many times as you need.

Free Courtesy Instrument
To make sure your student doesn’t miss important class time, we provide a courtesy instrument to use while their instrument is in for service. Request an instrument ahead of time on our website or by calling the store.


Free Pick-up, Delivery & Shipping
Free pick up and delivery to your school by our representatives, or shipped to your home, for all services and purchases.

10% Dividend On Purchases
You’ll receive a 10% dividend on accessory and music purchases each year.

Tips & Support From Our Specialists
You’ll receive timely tips and support from our instrument specialists to help your student shine.


Prices start at $7.99/month. Policies vary in price based on the instrument covered. Please contact us for your specific instrument. Annual and monthly payment plans are available.

Instrument Service Details

Items Covered:

  • Courtesy Instrument - Free courtesy instrument while your instrument is in for service
  • Delivery - Free pick-up from and delivery to your school or home (account schools only)
  • Cleaning - Clean entire instrument (limit 1x per year, Brass Instruments only)
  • Cases - Repair case hinges, latches, and handles
  • Brass Instruments: Valves, Slides, Corks/Felts, Springs, Braces, Dents, Stuck Mouthpieces
  • Woodwind Instruments: Keys, Pads, Corks, Springs, Cracks, Dents
  • String Instruments: Bows, Bridge, Pegs, Sound Post, Body, Tailpiece, Broken Strings
  • Percussion Instruments: Drum Heads, Rods, Casings, Strainers, Frames, Bars, Stands, Dents

Items Not Covered:

  • Loss - Loss due to fire, theft, mysterious disappearance or water damage
  • Abuse - Abuse, vandalism, intentional damage or neglect
  • Parts - Parts such as headjoints, footjoints, crowns, necks, bells, keys, barrels, end plugs, slides, valves, valve parts, bows, pegs, necks, fingerboards, instrument stands, tone bars, etc. that are lost or damaged beyond repair will be charged accordingly
  • Case - Replacement of cases, case covers, and case zippers
  • Finish - Restoration of finish that does not affect proper playing condition
  • Fine Tuners - Installation of fine tuners where fine tuners did not previously exist on string instruments
  • Accessories - Replacement of accessories such as lubricants, cleaning supplies, mouthpieces, ligatures, reeds, rosin, etc.
  • Reimbursement - Reimbursement for repairs not performed by Paige’s Music

About Our Repair Shop

Paige’s Music has the premier repair facility in the state ready and waiting to get your instrument back up and playing. Our repair team consists of over 15 full time staff members with an average of 20 years experience each in instrument repair, providing skill and knowledge you can count on.

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