Welcome, Brownsburg Middle School Parents

Welcome, Brownsburg Middle School Parents

Welcome to Band & Orchestra

Director Contact Information

Chad Brinkman
Brownsburg East MS Band Director

Laura Crawford
Brownsburg East/West MS Orchestra Director

Courtney Cummings
Brownsburg West MS Band Director

Lauren Weirich
Brownsburg East/West MS Orchestra Director

What to Expect in Brownsburg 6th Grade Band and Orchestra….

To have a great experience while learning to play an instrument!
To develop a skill through weekly practice that is unique to you, by giving your best effort!
To still participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities.
To perform in two outside of school concerts as well as one in-school convocation.
Band and Orchestra is a full year commitment, but we hope you’ll think of it as a seven-year experience!

Which instruments can my child chose from?

In 6th Grade we offer instruction on flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone, percussion, violin, viola, cello and bass. Students interested in saxophone will begin on clarinet, students interested in French Horn will begin on trumpet, and students interested in tuba will begin on baritone.

  • Bassoon students will use a school-owned instrument and will need to purchase a bassoon starter pack.
  • Baritone, cello, and string bass students will rent an instrument for at-home practice, and will be provided an instrument at school for use during class, as these instruments are too big to transport on the bus.
  • Students interested in percussion will attend a percussion try-on. Information on signing up for a percussion try-on is on the Google form below.

If you already own an instrument, we recommend that you purchase the starter pack for that instrument, which will provide the book and approved accessories that your child will need. We also recommend that you make arrangements with Paige’s Music to have your instrument inspected for possible repairs. Your instrument may be dropped off at either middle school and Paige’s Music will pick it up for a free estimate. Please contact a director for more info.

How should my child choose an instrument?

This year we will not be conducting in-person instrument try-ons. Please watch the included videos of each instrument to help your child decide which instrument they would like to play, and view the Instrument Selection Guide for some things to consider when selecting an instrument.

When can my child start?

Most of our students are very anxious to begin playing their instruments right away! A three-week summer program for beginning band and orchestra students has been tentatively scheduled from June 1-18, 2021. The students will meet for 50-minute classes each morning (Monday – Friday). Specific times for each class and sign-up info will be provided. Because of the smaller class size and like-instrument instruction, these classes will help your child get a great start on his or her instrument! It is strongly recommended that all beginning instrumental students participate in the summer classes, as this will be the best time to make sure that your child is on the correct instrument and will ensure their success in instrumental music. Your child will learn the basics of playing their instrument and even learn to play some fun songs! They will also get to meet new friends before they even start 6th grade! We hope that every student can attend the summer classes, but if you are not able to, we suggest that you take a few private lessons on your new instrument over the summer so that you are ready when school starts.

Parental Tips On Purchasing

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Instrument Demonstration Videos

Please watch the videos below with your student to help them choose an instrument to play.






French Horn











Instrument Selection Guide

Use the Instrument Selection Guide for some helpful things to consider when selecting an instrument for your student.

Enroll in Brownsburg Band or Orchestra

Please complete this form for your directors. Completing this form allows directors to gather names to enroll students into band and orchestra for the 2021-2022 school year.

Reserve Instrument Rental and Supplies

Follow the link below to reserve your instrument now for band. Paige's Music will deliver the instrument to school for you, where it will be ready and waiting for your student when school begins.

Welcome from Paige's Music

We make it easy for you to provide your child with the best chance to succeed in school music. We do this by renting, selling and servicing teacher-approved band and orchestra instruments and supplies.

3 Easy Steps To Get Your Debut Beginning Rental


Complete A Rental Application or an Accessory Order

You can do this at your school instrument display night, on our website, or in our store in Indianapolis.


Your instrument and supplies will be delivered to your school.

Your instrument, accessories, and all of your supplies for class are delivered to your student’s school with their name tag attached, reserved just for them.


For Rentals, Make Monthly Payments

Rent your instrument until you own it, or return it, it’s up to you. You can return at any time or exchange to another instrument. 100% of all your payments will apply towards ownership.

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