Precautions & Sanitary Standards

Precautions & Standards

Extra Precautions

  • We are cleaning hard services and door knobs every hour
  • Have hand sanitizer at every counter
  • Employees that are not feeling well or have a fever are instructed to stay home.

Sanitary Standards

  • All brass instruments, as well as,used mouthpieces are deep cleaned and sanitized in our ultrasonic cleaner
  • All woodwind instruments are wiped down with alcohol based cleaning solutions over the body and keys
  • String instruments are wiped down and strings are cleaned and sanitized with denatured alcohol

Paige’s Music Repair Cleaning Processes

Paige’s Music Repair uses a variety of processes and solutions for cleaning our instruments. We believe that our cleaning processes have held up through the many outbreaks of colds, flu, and other contagions. To our knowledge, over the many decades we have been in business, Paige’s Music’s instruments have never had an issue of contamination or spread of infectious disease.  We also have served many of our customers by cleaning their instruments and mouthpieces after an illness to help give them comfort and peace of mind that they will not have continued exposure to contamination.
Below is a list of the processes and cleaning solutions Paiges Music Repair currently uses:

Processes: All of our used instruments and mouthpieces processed for resale and rental are cleaned and sanitized depending on their use and construction materials.  All of our brass instruments, as well as used woodwind and brass mouthpieces, are deep cleaned and sanitized in our Ultrasonic Cleaner. All of our woodwind instruments have much of their body and keys wiped down with alcohol based cleaning solutions to clean and sanitize those surfaces. Our stringed instruments are wiped down thoroughly and the strings cleaned and sanitized with denatured alcohol.

Ultrasonic Cleaner: This device uses ultrasonic waves to clean hard surfaces. The waves created cause the water molecules to vibrate rapidly, creating alternating waves of compression and expansion within the water. During the expansion phase, or rarefaction cycle, the liquid is torn apart, creating cavitation bubbles. These bubbles effectively remove a wide variety of contaminants, even if present only in trace amounts.  This includes dust, dirt, rust, oil, grease, soot, mold, carbon deposits, polishing compounds, wax, pigments, lime scale, bacteria, algae, fungus, fingerprints and biological soil.

Arctic Clean – This is the chemical used in our ultrasonic cleaner to assist in cleaning the surfaces of the instruments and mouthpieces. This is a low pH or acid cleaner and degreaser used on commercial ice machines. We choose this product specifically because it is food safe and does not leave harmful residue, which ensures we protect the safety of both our customers and staff.

Simple Green – This is a powerful alcohol based cleaner and degreaser designed for effective and environmentally safe use that is FDA approved food safe. We choose this product to protect the safety of both our customers and staff.

Denatured Alcohol – We also use denatured alcohol to clean and disinfect on appropriate surfaces and finishes. It is a great cleaning agent for hard surfaces and is widely used as a disinfectant in medical applications. 

*Technicians perform all play tests on their personal mouthpieces and/or reeds. Flute head joints are cleaned and sanitized after play tests. We do this to protect the safety of both our customers and our staff.

Instrument Cleaning Tips

  • Clean their mouthpiece after each use with soap and water.
  • Wipe down their instrument
  • Throw away reeds after using if your student is ill
  • Do not share mouthpieces
  • View our care videos

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