Private Teacher: Darrel Clark

I studied clarinet in High School with a clarinetist from the US Navy Band in Washington D.C. After high school, I attended the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. In the summer of my freshman year I was accepted to play clarinet in The United States Army Band (Pershing’s Own) Washington, D.C. After several years I went to Berlin, Germany and played clarinet with the 298th Army Band. In Berlin I studied clarinet with a member of one of the Berlin Orchestras. I have had the opportunity to play recitals and have soloed with several groups over the years. I have free-lanced on the clarinet in various groups and orchestras around the US since the mid 80s. I have taught clarinet and sax since the mid 70s Since the mid 80s I have also served as a music director in several churches. Clarinet is my main instrument but I do feel confident in teaching the sax. I have a degree in music and two diplomas in other studies. I also attended in 2006 the Clarinet Teaching Workshop with Howard Klug at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

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