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Job Id*: 6929 Title*: Retail Sales Associate
Paige's Music
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5282 E 65th Street
Indianapolis, IN 4620

Job Title: Retail Sales Associate
Department: Retail Sales
Reports To: Director of Retail Sales

Position Summary:
Retail sales associates work directly with beginning and advanced musicians in guiding them towards educated purchase decisions. This individual must be able to not only speak with higher level musicians, but also be able to translate the language of music to young, incoming students and their parents. Additionally, this individual must have the ability to work independently while also working as a member of the Paige’s Music sales team. He/She will be someone who has previous experience in band or orchestra with a desire to grow as a professional in both music sales and customer service areas. It is expected that this individual will work Saturdays and some evening events.

Job Description:
- Enrich the lives of Paige’s Music customers by providing unparalleled customer service both face-to-face and over the phone
- Determine complete and appropriate solutions for every customer, regardless of the potential revenue they represent
- Execute all POS transactions quickly and accurately
- Communicate positively with fellow employees, customers and company partners both verbally and in writing
- Comply with all company policies and procedures
- Have the ability to be on your feet up to 8 hours a day
- Full time position with benefits

Minimum Requirements:
- Bachelor’s Degree preferably in music education, music business or equivalent
- Ability to understand the needs of a customer in order to develop and maintain relationship between them and Paige’s Music
- Excellent oral, written, interpersonal and organization skills
- Must be willing to work Saturday shifts and some evening events

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