The Premier Rental Program at Paige's Music

The Premier Rental Program is an easy, affordable way to transition your student from a beginner instrument to one that will support their rapidly- increasing skills as a musician.

Premier Rental Plan Features

  • Rent Your Instrument: Until you own it, or until you return it, it is up to you. Every payment goes towards the ownership of the instrument.
  • Return Any Time: Only a minimum 3-month commitment.
  • Easy Exchange: Transfer your payments to another instrument if your preferences change.
  • Repair & Replacement Coverage: We’ll take care of routine repairs, accidental damage, and loss due to fire or theft.
  • Free Loaners: We’ll provide a loaner when your instrument comes in for repair so you don’t miss out on practice and rehearsal time.
  • Free Delivery: To and from your school with our regular delivery.
  • Purchase Outright and Save: If you choose, you may pay off your instrument balance in full and save 40%!

Let Our Specialists Guide You

Buying or upgrading an instrument is a big decision, and we know it is not always an easy one. Our goal at Paige's Music is to make your experience a fun and enjoyable one. Our specialists have the knowledge and expertise to guide you with great advice no matter which instrument you're looking to upgrade.

When your instrument needs repair, Paige's Music has the premier repair facility in the state ready and waiting to get your instrument back up and playing. Woodwind , brass, percussion, and string instruments are all covered in our state of the art facility.

Advantages of Premier Instruments

Builds Enthusiasm & Commitment

Nothing brings out the commitment level and enthusiasm in a child more than something new. If the student has been using their beginning instrument for a couple of years, a new Premier level instrument will help them get excited again. Your student will feel the urge to practice more to see how good they can sound with the better instrument.

Better Sound

Student instruments are built to be durable in the inexperienced hands of a beginning player, sometimes at the sacrifice of sound quality to keep the cost down. With a more advanced instrument, manufacturers are able to retain the durability, but also take more care in making sure the instrument performs at a high level as a more experienced player will be using and taking care of it.

More Advanced Features

Many of the features on the step-up instruments are not found on the student level instrument. Many of these features are designed to make the instrument "speak" more freely and increase range.

When Is A Good Time To Upgrade?

It's been our experience that the need for a step-up instrument arrives as early as the student's second year of playing. By selecting a higher-quality instrument at this juncture, you will provide your student with room to grow as a musician, create renewed excitement and pride, and enhance your student's development.

How do I exchange my beginning instrument for a Premier-level instrument?

There are 4 convenient options for you to exchange your student level instrument for a more advanced level model.

1. Attend the Premier Instrument Display Night at your school.

Speak with your director to make an appointment for this display. Paige's staff members will be on hand to help you through the process. Here we will have all of the items necessary to complete the exchange. This event is the most convenient option for upgrading your instrument.

2. Visit Our Store

By visiting our store you can complete the exchange in a single visit. This is certainly a very efficient method, allowing you to carefully audition the model your director recommends.

3. Call Our Store

If visiting the store or the display is not convenient for you, please call the store at 1.800.382.1099. Our retail staff will do their best to provide other options.

4. Email Us

If none of the other options are convenient for you, you can always email us at Our retail staff will do their best to provide other options.

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